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Click on an image to launch the preview window. Registered users can order images which would start a process in our back office. Sometimes an account executive will contact you to confirm your details. Confirmed users can download images online. You will receive specific instructions after we have confirmed your credit status or credit card details.
One keyword:
If you have only one keyword, type that keyword in the text box under type keyword(s) or image ID and then click the red GO button. This will display a grid of images in the main window. If you typed a wrong keyword or misspelled it, just type the keyword again in the same text box and click GO again.
More than one keyword:
If you have more than one keyword, use the Boolean expressions "AND", "OR", "NOT". For example to find images of mother and baby you can type in the text box: mother and baby. You may type mother or baby if you wanted either value. Please note that singular values (i.e. mother) would result in plural (mothers) and vise versa.
Show images per page
By default the number of images displayed per page was set to 50. You may choose a higher value. Depending on your browser and operating system, a higher value may require longer time to display the entire page.
Previewing an image
To view a larger preview of a photo click on the thumbnail.
How to work with Visual?
Visual has almost 1 million images shot by some of the world's best photographers. These images may be licensed for personal usage or for professional usage.
It is important to note the difference because license and prices are very different for each purpose.
Personal Usage
Personal usage is any usage that is non-commercial and that was intended to serve a person rather than commercial entities such as companies, organizations, etc. Examples of personal usage are desktop wallpapers, single framed prints, cellular wallpapers for your mobile phone, etc.
Professional Usage
Professional usage is any usage that involves a fee or like or that was meant to generate income, awareness or like for the user. For example usage of images on a web site, printing of a brochure, an ad, etc.
What license should I Purchase?
Please note a personal license doesn't cover commercial use that may require a different license. To quickly review the difference between a Standard License and Power License please check the differences here.

Not all images on this site are available for personal usage. However, all images are available for professional usage.

Photo or illustration?
Check the photo box to see photos only. Check the illustration box for illustrations. You may choose both. Photos are all in Jpeg format. Illustrations may come in other formats as well such as EPS.
Advanced Search
You may tune your search by choosing the characteristics of the image you want. Click the "Turn advanced search on" and choose fro the various options. To close that frame simply click "Turn advanced search off".
Enlarging an image
Click on an image to enlarge it. You can then print it on your printer, Save it to your hard disk, add it to your light box, or click "continue searching" to resume your search. At this page you may also choose few keywords that better describe the photos you need by choosing the keywords from the keywords list. Click "Go" next to the keywords to see the new results.
A light box allows you to save your favorite images in a special folder. Please note that you must register to have access to the lightbox feature.