About Lightboxes
Lightboxes are personal online workspaces that allow you to collect, annotate and share sets of Royalty free or Rights Managed Stock Photo images in an online personalized collection. You must be a registered Visualphotos member to access this feature (registration is fast and free). You can rename your lightboxes, add notes to individual lightboxes or open shared lightboxes. Collaboration with other Visualphotos members or third parties is available through sharing, which allows designated users to view, comment, and work on lightboxes and their contents.
Key features of lighboxes:
The lightbox preview pane allows you to add and remove images to a lightbox quickly. You can email your lightbox to co-workers without leaving your search results page. Your lighbox is a secure, online space for saving search results and notes. Create and unlimited number of lightboxes and switch easily between lightboxes while viewing your search results.